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Overworked Executive Analysis

Discover Your Path to Peak Efficiency and Overwhelm Reduction with our Exclusive Executive Analysis Service

Our comprehensive Overworked Executive Analysis identifies problem areas / staff under you... shows you how, where, why you are overwhelmed or have breakdowns... and create a plan to fix it.

Together, we will walk through a step-by-step process to:

1. Identify Your Role as an Owner:

Discover whether you resonate more with the visionary/founder, the strategic/executive, or the hands-on practitioner archetype.

Understanding your primary role as an owner is essential so you can structure your organization correctly.

2. Outline Your Organizing Board:

Gain a clear understanding of your clinic's current organizational structure.

We will outline all the positions within your clinic and their respective responsibilities and identify the holes and overburdened areas.

3. Identify Position Overlaps:

Uncover any areas where you or staff might be taking on multiple roles. Position overlaps can lead to burnout, inefficiencies and unnecessary developed traffic, hindering your clinic's growth potential.

We'll evaluate the staff in these areas to find why role is not being handled (and landing on your plate) and how to correct.

4. Pinpoint Sources of Overwhelm:

We will work together to identify the specific areas causing you the most stress and overwhelm.

Once we identify these pain points, we will develop strategies to address and overcome them.

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